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Church History

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Rev. Alexander D. Freeman

Rev. Alexander D. Freeman
Pastor (1944-1964)

The Rising Sun Baptist Church was organized with nine members, July 10, 1944 by the late Rev. Alexander D. Freeman. The church was located on Beach Street near the Freeway. The church remained in this location for four years. The membership included Rev. Freeman, his wife, Sis. Julia Freeman, their children and a few other dedicated members. In the year of 1948, due to the expansion of the Freeway, it became necessary for the church to move from its location on Beach Street. The church relocated to a small building at 1310 La Salle Street. The building didn’t have any electricity, so Bro. Bell enabled the church to use electricity from his house until it was able to get electricity.

Rising Sun past Edifice

Building at 1310 LaSalle Street

The church had only one deacon at the time, Bro. Bendy. He became ill and inactive, so the church elected Bro. Fabious Jones who became the first chairman of the deacon board. Bro. Val Price and his family became members of Rising Sun Baptist Church in 1948. Bro. Price became the first deacon ordained at Rising Sun. With much prayer and dedication other deacons were ordained including Bro. Victor, Bro. Clouche, Bro. Owens, Bro. Moore, Bro. Jim Jones and Bro. Dennis Lines.

Under Rev. Freeman’s leadership Rev. Edward Harris was licensed and ordained to preach the Gospel. During his lifetime he was the pastor of several churches. In 1961 the church was rebuilt and continued to grow. Our founding pastor, Rev. Alexander Freeman remained faithful and dedicated to the congregation of Rising Sun for twenty years until he was called from his labor to reward on February 4, 1964.

After a period of mourning and prayer the church extended the call to Rev. Felix Haynes, Jr. to be the church’s second pastor, in May 1964. Rev. Haynes proved to have the same love and dedication as Rev. Freeman. The church continued to grow in spirit and membership. During that time, Pastor Haynes was also serving as pastor of the Pinegrove Baptist Church in Pineland, Texas, and concurrently served both congregations for several years.

In 1970 the church purchased four acres of land, bordered on the east by Pine Street, on the south by La Salle Street and the west by Osborne Street. In 1973, construction for a new edifice began and the congregation marched into the new building in February of 1974.

Through the leadership of Pastor Haynes, our church received major renovations including:

Also, under the leadership of Pastor Haynes our church became affiliated with denominational work, being represented in the General Bowens Missionary District Association of Texas, the Missionary Baptist General Convention of Texas and the National Baptist Convention of America. Inc.

Rev. Felix Haynes, Jr.

Rev. Felix Haynes, Jr.
Pastor (1964-2012)

New Building

New Building built in 1973

At the turn of the century, God gave Rev. Haynes a new vision for the beautification of the church. He was led to update the lighting and a set of beautiful chandeliers were purchased and installed. Through the visionary leadership of Pastor Haynes, our current edifice was not only erected and beautified, but the mortgage was burned. Pastor Haynes vision for Rising Sun was for it to be “The Church Where Everybody Is Somebody”, and countless souls were added to the Kingdom of God.

Under Rev. Haynes’ leadership, Bro. Phillip Brown, Bro. Andrew Florence, Bro. Alexander Freeman, Bro. Isaiah Johnson, Bro. Rodney Haynes, Bro. Edward Coburn, Bro. Thomas Mouton, Bro. Ashton Thomas, Bro. Lawrence Joseph and Bro. John Page were ordained as deacons. Bro. Cloyd Hadnot and Bro. George Barbin were added to the deacon board having been ordained at other churches. Under Rev. Haynes leadership, Rev. Albert Haynes, Rev. Cloyd Hadnot, Rev, M. Spivey and Rev. S. Washington were licensed to preach. In 1976 Rev. Albert Haynes was ordained as a preacher. He became the Pastor of The New Bethel Baptist Church, of Cheeks Texas, later the Fellowship Baptist Church, of Beaumont, Texas and is now the pastor of The Bethany Baptist Church of Dallas, Texas. Rev. Cloyd Hadnot was ordained January 31, 1979, and became the pastor of The Pleasant Hill Baptist Church of Woodville, Texas where he served until his death.

Pastor Felix Haynes served the church faithfully for forty-eight years until his death on September 30, 2012. His wife, Sis. Margie Haynes continued to be a faithful member and supporter of Rising Sun until her passing on August 9, 2014.

After Pastor Haynes death, the church was once again without a Shepherd and went into prayer and formed a pulpit search committee.

On May 12, 2013, the church ended an eight month search for her next pastor and called Rev. Joshua Daniels to serve as the third Pastor of Rising Sun Baptist Church.

Rev. Joshua M. Daniels

Rev. Joshua M. Daniels
Pastor (2013-2016)

Pastor Daniels was officially installed as Pastor August 11, 2013, at the age of nineteen years old, making him not only the youngest pastor to serve Rising Sun but the youngest pastor in the state of Texas. Through Pastor Daniels leadership, a second Sunday Morning Worship service was added in 2013, along with a Noon Day Bible Study, which caused the church to expand to four weekly worship services. Pastor Daniels also led the church into a new direction as the church integrated technology into the church’s culture with the usage of a church website and social media. Pastor Daniels served for three years till October of 2016.

After much prayer a search committee was formed. On June 11, 2017, Rising Sun called Rev. James W. Reed III. Rev. Reed preached his first sermon as pastor elect July 2, 2017 and was officially installed as Rising Sun Baptist Church’s fourth Pastor November 12, 2017.

Pastor Reed’s vision for Rising Sun is to be a church with a “Passion for God and Compassion for Mankind”. To become a Evangelistic Outreach Church. Under Pastor Reed’s first year of leadership:

Current Edifice

Current Edifice

Pastor Reed’s beautification efforts for the church consist of replacing all the church’s windows and interior doors as well as installing custom blinds for the window area in the rear of the sanctuary. The Pastor’s office and restroom has also been completely remolded.

Through Pastor Reed’s compassion for his fellow man Rising Sun has been having a duel Worship service with First Full Gospel Baptist Church sense September of 2017 while repairs are being made at their facility. Under Pastor Reed’s expository teaching and preaching there has been noticeable spiritual and numerical growth.